bg_hakkindaHe was born in 07.10.1973 in Manyas. He graduated from İzmir Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts Textile Department-Textile Design Department. He still works as fabric designer. He has met with photographs and cameras by the agency of his father. Than in 2000s ‘, he began to improve himself in taking photographs.

He attended lots of mixed photograph exhibition and he had 4 private photograph exposition. He has collected lots of awards from national and international photograph contest. His portfolios and writings published in national printed and art magazines. Additionally his portfolios published in international websites.

  Since 2013 he is the member of the team of Turkey Virtual Museum of Photography.    Due to his success from the international contests, he gained the title of GPU Crown2 ve AFIAP.

He achieved the Turkey’s  the most prestigious photograph award in 2016 which name is Sami Güner Kupası by getting successful third times in photograph exhibitions which are   White gold (Beyaz Altın) , The story of the fabric ( Kumaşın Hikayesi)  and  Hey Gidinin Efesi.

In 2016 by Kuşadası Lions club, he received the award as the most successful craftsman in the city.

He joined the national team for 27th FIAP Color Biennial – Reflected Image Section in 2017 and overcame as 7th in all the teams  also received FIAP Honourable Mension award.

 His photograph taken a part in an exhibition which Turkey Photographic Arts Federation made in Stockholm Embassy of Turkey Republic .  (The name of the exhibition was  Gün Doğudan Başlar – The day begins in east.

  He stills works as jury in national and international contests and still be a part of some photo presentation.    He continues his projects as portrait, stories of people and documentaries.

He is a member of Kuşadası Association of Photographers and Cinema Amateurs and United Photographers International.